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Check out the e-book that makes life easier for first-time parents!


In my work as a pediatric physiotherapist, I met (and continue to meet) many parents unable to enjoy the incredible journey of physical development with their baby. Being a Mom, I understand the burden of responsibility and uncertainty. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 😉


That’s why, I wrote an e-book about developmental activities that can be incorporated into playtime with your child (from birth to first steps). These activities help your baby reach developmental milestones while also working to prevent flat head syndrome, physical compensations, and much more. Enjoy accompanying  your baby on his or her developmental journey! 👶



Here’s what you’ll find inside the e-book:


1. Simple activities adapted to the level of your child’s development that focus on:

→ visual tracking,

→ lying on the tummy,

→ joining hands at the centerline of the body,

→ shifting weight to the sides and rolling over,

→ extending the arms,

→ strengthening the tummy and motivating the baby to lift legs up,

→ encouraging the baby to push up on straight arms,

→ crawling,

→ playing on all fours,

→ sitting; body rotations,

→ playing while kneeling ,

→ playing while standing.


2. Easy-to-read illustrations of activities – you can easily recreate them with your child.


3. Tips on what to pay attention to in order to ensure proper motor development of your baby.


All of that available on the screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer, so that you can get inspired at any time and have fun with your baby!


You don’t need fancy toys and you don’t need years of experience to have a sense of peace that what you are doing is good enough! ❤️



Who can benefit from this e-book?


→ Pregnant women and fathers who want to prepare for their baby’s arrival.

→ First-time parents (of newborns up to the moment of their first steps).

→ Experienced parents (those who want to further their knowledge or help a specific child).


This e-book might not be useful if:


→ Your child shows some worrying symptoms — then I would advise consulting a specialist. The aim of my

e-book is to support the process of child development, but it CANNOT replace treatment. 



You don’t have to be a mom and a physiotherapist in one.


But you can use these ideas prepared by a physiotherapist (and mom of five!) to help your child develop properly.


Do you want to try? Buy my e-book!



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